My Story

Tinkering (verb:)  

“an act to keep busy in a useless way “

. . .

for me , that’s just how discoveries usually happen, through the act of tinkering, the mind is free to explore, to make connections to new methods of doing things 


As a product design practitioner, my love of  tinkering with things can be seen through my personal work.  During my spare time, you can find me tinkering in a mini home workshop, re-purposing materials into custom furniture and accessories for my home.

I have experienced working in a multitude of diverse industries, from research institutes, agencies, startups and multinational corporations, covering: Concept ideation, 3D Modelling, product visualization, tech-possibility research, 3D printing and all the in-betweens.

Ah-Phang’s multi-hyphenate skills stems from the constant desire to be inquisitive  or ‘tinker’ around with things to make them better. My specialty lies in experience product prototyping and being a freelance design consultant, my regular work covers the entire design process from brainstorming to prototyping.



Product Design Tinkerer
Royston Phang

Wanna see visuals of my latest discoveries, latest and past tinkers do check out my Instagram Adventures


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